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FREE Product Purchasing Time Line Florida Hurricane

Retrofit Program
With any product you chose, you can count on Lifestyle Exterior Products to handle it with quality care and timeliness. The first part of the process is dependent on you. As always, we are here to help. We created this time line to explain the process that a typical homeowner goes through. We included very important steps to follow in the first couple of weeks.

Weeks 1 & 2: Make sure that you have the necessary amount of time it takes to properly interview the companies that might supply you with your hurricane protection. This purchase is not only a life saver but will last many years. The correct vendor is crucial.

Week 3: Please allow the prospective vendors time to write up the appropriate estimates. The bid should include the solution they feel is best and the proper credentials to supply and install the products.

Week 4: Because of the importance of this decision, allow time to review all materials and discuss with family.

Week 5 thru completion: This time is dependent on the products you chose. Keep in mind that the majority of the homes we protect use a combination of products. This is why it is so important to

contact us right away so we can demonstrate which ones will work best for your home.




FREE Smart Money: Protect Your Investment – Choose a Stable Company

Investing in protection for your home is not a one time event. You want a solid, stable company that can fulfill the long term warranty and perform service to keep your shutters in top condition. How can you spot a stable company that you can depend on now and in the future?

 Ask to see their latest Dun and Bradstreet report.

The industry went through dramatic sales swings during the last three hurricane seasons. Many companies expanded aggressively and incurred added debt. Now, with a decrease in sales, they are saddled with monthly loan payments that create a negative cash flow. In fact, one of the oldest and largest firms in the industry filed for bankruptcy protection in October. This firm went from 200 employees to 31 in one year. In court documents, the firm listed $2.6 million in customer deposits as one of their liabilities along with $3.8 million to unsecured creditors consisting mainly of suppliers of materials and components for shutters.

 Don’t Automatically Take the Lowest Bid.

Realistically, the company needs to make a profit to be there in the future to service their customers. Protect your home and your investment by always choosing a stable, reputable company.